Travel Minded specializes in custom and guided Tour packages to islands around the world. Currently we are offering trips to Australia, New Zealand & Cuba.

We’ve traveled throughout Australia, New Zealand and Cuba to find the best tour guides, guided tours and activities while you’re there. We know island travel best… enough that Trip Advisor pays us to take photos and write about our trips. Travel Minded offers custom tours for those looking to get off the beaten path or planned tours with partnership companies.



Looking for a bit more of adventure?  Travel Minded Guides have traveled the world by motorcycle and filmed the journey along the way.  We have an exclusive partnership with M2 Moto Tours – the premiere motorcycle touring company in Europe. Here’s some footage we filmed during a recent trip in the European Alps riding through France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy:

If you’re looking for a true adventure it will be tough to beat a tour with M2 Moto Tours.

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